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Clearing invasive red valerian in Clovelly

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‘Not in my backyard’ (NIMBY)

is the name of a hack group that is tackling invasives in the Cape Town suburb of Clovelly.

They are particularly sensitive about the invasive red valerian (Centranthus ruber), which has 'jumped the garden fence' and is now invading the fringes of the Table Mountain National Park.

“Our group walks along the Clovelly Road looking at the verges, whilst the experts explain why invasive plants pose a threat to our biodiversity and how best we can control them”, says organiser, Penny Price.

“In future, we would like to meet once a quarter, mostly for mountain hacking. The demand in our area is to support the work of the City of Cape Town and Table Mountain National Park’s invasive clearing teams, by keeping the re-growth under control”.

“The hack group needs to scramble up the front of Trappieskop to a small copse of Port Jackson re-growth that has fallen under the radar. We need to cut and apply herbicide to this re-sprouting, with help and advice from specialists”, she says.